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About The Author

It takes some skill, courage and aggression to come down the pitch and heave the ball over the top for a six – I had none. Neither did I have the strength in my muscles nor I was great to judge the turn and flight of the ball. Moreover I was ever so afraid of losing my wicket. So after realizing that I won’t be good enough to represent my country, I had to give up my dream of becoming the next Sachin Tendulkar of India – something what every kid of 90s wanted to be. However it took me some time to discover that I could actually opt for the next best thing. I was fortunate enough to find people around me to make me believe that I had the skill to pen down the things I thought and the courage of being straightforward while expressing them. So after taking a step back into the crease here I come a couple of metres Down the Pitch in attempt to make life a bit more cricketing, a bit more adventurous.

Prantik Maitra
[ Banker by profession, Blogger by passion ]

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