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Mahalaya – My Way Of Invoking The Mother Goddess

October 1, 2016


It has been more than 5 years since I started my journey with WordPress. Every now and then with the articles I have posted over the years, I tried to construct them to the best of my knowledge in order to make sure that I make full justice to whatever I present in front of you. I started with writing match reports but continued only till I realized that such posts won’t be valued for more than a day or two past the match-day. Hence I made a complete transformation of my writing and started taking greater care on choosing the topics that would sustain their significance for a longer period of time. But something I did not do was to travel down the memory lane. Once a post was made, the previous one seemed to be a History book whose pages would never be turned over again. But that’s a dangerous thing to do with the articles I write. Since I want my posts to seek attention for possibly a never ending span and considering every single day as a new learning curve I must have looked back to inspect whether I had done well enough in the past or not.

This time around I decided to have a close look at every nooks and corners to fix such self contradictions. I felt the necessity of making some serious changes which I can hopefully do in the days to come. But the first thing I observed while reviewing the tags and categories was a section named “Writings”. Now my immediate reaction was “why on earth did I make it a different section if I can’t even put a single article against its name”! Consequently an idea struck my mind. I have come across so many people who after reading my articles commented that they couldn’t make out anything what I wrote, but all they understood was that I had been sensational. I found no point in this. I did everything what I could, but much to my agony, not everyone can come to the terms of the technical nuances of the game.  So now onwards I will use this section a little more compared to what I have used in the past.

Oh wait! I have spent a couple of long paragraphs without stating anything what this article is all about! Well, doing so was essential since it has been a dedicated sports blog for quite some time now. This article is regarding Mahalaya. Those who don’t get much from the word would rather be wondering. Honestly speaking, I will fall short of words to describe this auspicious event of Bengali culture, so I won’t even try. But like I mentioned, it will be meant for those who haven’t had much of their say as of now. Because those who understand its essence, there is nothing more important for them than rising to this occasion by waking up very early in the morning and turning on their radios which had been kept quiet for one long year.

To me Mahalaya is nothing but war – a war between Mahishasur and Durga where the latter dominates. It’s a saga of a lady stamping her authority over the brutal power which perhaps nobody else could. With the videos I have watched, I find the whole war completely one sided. Mahishasur was on the back-foot from the minute the encounter began. There was hardly any sign of competitiveness. Right from the word go there was only one winner whose victory was perhaps just a matter of time. Durga was far too good for her opponent to handle. Mahishasur was never going to withstand the attacks simply being into a defensive shell. I merely remember him forcing Durga even the slightest of injuries, rather he looked vulnerable and was given a very hard time throughout the contest.

However, whatever it was could never have been visualized unless there was a television. Since these are the only aspects to attract me in this context, the old DD7 Mahalaya will always remain very close to my heart. However these days there are so many channels to telecast Mahalaya but I don’t find those worthy to watch as the programmes are very much confined to songs and dances – something that I don’t like much in this regard. Moreover, more often than not they come up with ridiculous stories.

On the other hand, as far as the Birendra Krishna Bhadra version is concerned, with all the due respect to the legend, I must confess that I find it a bit too difficult to perceive the things that I look forward to; though I find it to be the perfect sleeping material. Even today it did not take me 10 minutes to resume my sleep despite waking up at 4:30 in the morning. Though there was no lack of enthusiasm from my side, yet it was the beautiful songs that got the better of me by slowing down the tempo even more and calming the atmosphere to a great extent. So much so that it was very difficult for me to resist myself from pulling the shutters down. I am aware of the fact that there will be a many to take a dig at me after going through this, but that’s the way I think and that’s the way I have been thinking since my childhood days. So many things have changed since then, but some things in life, just as this, never change.


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