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Motera Test : Positives and Negatives of the Victorious Hosts

November 19, 2012

  • Positive Sides
  1. Disciplined Batting:  It is always important for a team to put up a very good first innings total under the sub-continent conditions. In a pitch where England got bowled out twice India did not look in any sort of trouble whatsoever. In the first innings after winning an important toss batsmen backed up their captain’s decision perfectly as they exhibited a great deal of test cricket batting. They adjusted their batting approach to perfection, adopted themselves according to the situation extremely well and the scoreboard says it all.
  2. Performance of Medium Pacers:  One of the biggest factors which separates these two sides is the fast bowling attack that the English have, on the other hand which has not been the strongest of departments over the years as far as the Indian cricket is concerned. But in a pitch where the renowned pacers like Broad, Bresnan and Anderson where completely off color, the two Indian quickies shown some great character. Every time Zaheer Khan and Umesh Yadav were handed the ball over they ran in hard, hit the deck and made the opponents to work hard for their runs; and in the fourth innings too when the pitch had nothing for the pacers they took 5 wickets which is a great sign.
  3. Surprise Performers: When someone gives you the bonus performance from whom you are not expecting a quite, then it gives the captain and his team a huge pleasure which has been the case in the bowling department. One would pick Zaheer and Ashwin from the pace and spin departments respectively saying they will earn you more wickets. But Yadav and Ojha have really surprised everyone with the way the bowled. It is a fact that even Yadav knows that if India would want to play one more specialist spinner then it is non other than him who will have to make a sacrifice, yet there was hardly any effect of this seen in his performance. Rather he has proved that if you have the pace and control over your delivery whether or not the pitch has any assist for you, you can cause problems for the batsmen, and that’s exactly what he did.
  4. Retrieval of Confidence:  In the sub-continent the voice of people and supporters matters a lot. The confidence on the test side of this team India was completely lost after 8 consecutive test defeats abroad. But now after this victory they all will start believe again that this team has the ability to do something, which is always a very good sign for the players and the team.
  •  Negative Sides
  1. Lack of Bite in Bowling:  In the second innings of England when Cook and Prior were playing there were some clear indications of frustration. And in such a situation you want a good body language to lift the spirits of the team once again, which had not been the case. Indians were waiting for something to happen and they were no urgency for the the things to make happen. The bowling was not bad, but when you have two set batsmen in the crease you have to bowl either wicket taking deliveries or have to plan the dismissals. Well,one can’t always blame the players too. This is nothing but the effect of T-20 cricket. There batsmen give there wickets away, bowlers don’t have to make a great deal of planning on how to get them dismissed. Thus the arts like planning a dismissal and forcing the batsmen to commit errors are not found these days. But this is a real test issue in test cricket where you have to pick 20 wickets with proper game plan. That’s where I thought the Indians were seen really lagging.
  2. Field Placing by the Captain: It is almost understandable why Dhoni had made some strange field placements. When his team needed wickets he was not that much attacking, there were not enough close in fielders to put pressure on the batsmen. Just don’t understand that why instead of having close in fielders he has mid wicket and deep point fielders on? Instead he could have left the mid wicket open, and put a forward short leg in for Prior, and try to make him play against the spin, which he didn’t. In the process he left away too many easy runs for England.
  3. Not Utilizing the Spinning Track Completely: Most of the times in day 4 and within the first hour of day 5 Indian spinners had not been able to utilize the patches and footmarks completely. They were concentrating on a good line length, but had they tried a leg stump line to Prior or an outside off stump line to Cook and make the use of the rough areas they could have had the breakthrough early. As in case of both these two batsmen’s dismissals we saw that the cracks of the pitch came into play. Indian spinners are used to bowl in this conditions, so they should have applied themselves well under such circumstances.

Yes, there is no doubt about that India have won comprehensively. But the fight that the English captain had put up, lead the side by example and how the rest of the players reacted in the second innings after being followed on is something that will still allow to keep their heads high. Not many teams would have been able to do the same after being followed on. And that should be the reason what should influence the visitors to bounce back in this tournament. If they have someone as captain having a record in the sub-continent which is even better than many of the sub-continent players and that too against the sub-continent bowlers, it’s a huge booster for any visiting side.

One Comment
  1. arindam permalink

    england ebar nishchit whitewash hochchei……revenge chai revenge……above post is nicely written…

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