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Rohit Sharma

August 2, 2012

Indian cricket has already seen off the legends like Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly and Anil Kumble. We are not far away from the day when the likes of Laxman and even the great Sachin Tendulkar gives away to the youngsters. India have been carrying on with a good constant team formation for quite some time. But now the time has come to make a reconstruction of the model and rethink who will be replaced by whom. India have been trying many combinations in many departments in the recent past having kept the plans for the next world cup in mind and also the T20 world cup which is about to get underway. One of the key players for all those models, or rather who is supposed to be the key player in the limited overs format is the middle order batsman from Mumbai – Rohit Sharma.

Rohit is one of those players with all those rarest of qualities that a batsman can have. It’s really unfortunate for him and his team that in spite of having such talent he has been still an underachiever and that too by a huge margin when you compare what he should have achieved in his international career and what he actually has done. If you ask people who is the most exciting talent in India among the youngsters, many will go for Rohit. But if you ask who is the most underachieved youngster in the recent past, even more people won’t hesitate to say his name. 

If you go back to the day of his international debut against South Africa in South Africa when India were almost down and out in a bouncy track, he came in to bat and calmed the situation. His knock of an unbeaten 50 kept India’s hope in the tournament alive which India eventually went on to win. You take out the couple of brave innings that he had played in the quarter final and finals, India could no longer have been the champion of the first ever ICC T20 world cup. Everyone praised the young talent for his temperament. And that really had given him a high value when he was got signed by the Deccan Chargers for the first IPL season. Deccan failed but the youngster had really impressed and got the rising star award for the second season of IPL when he took his team home to reign the trophy.

We could see what was coming for Indian cricket. We were about to have a batsman with all the qualities and all the techniques that make a batsman perfect. Even in the shorter versions like T20 cricket, during almost all the IPL seasons he shined and shown the his gleams of his class.  Every batsman in the world would dream to have such things that Rohit Sharma has. If you watch him very close you will observe that this guy has got all the shots in the cricketing book, plus some additional shots that a very few can play as good as he can. His inside out against the leg spinners had caught the eye of many cricket experts. Sometimes it seems like he has got a shot for every ball like a true technician along with a trademark style.

Now come back to the most recent days. Rohit Sharma is now a lot more experienced campaigner. Every time he walks into bat he is supposed to fulfil some expectations from the team management. He is given a lot of responsibility in his shoulders as he is asked to bat in a very crucial position in the batting order. And in addition to that he is supposed to hold the key from thereon and monitor the innings from one end which he is very much capable of. But what is he doing? In the last 4 matches he probably hasn’t even face 4 overs of Sri Lankan bowling attack. And the scores can’t be anything worse.

And now moreover his precious qualities the problems in his batting are getting bigger on him. One thing is for sure, whoever you are and whatever you may have done, you just can’t afford to forget the basics of the game. And you also have to keep learning if you want to stay in the picture. But he is violating the both. He is not learning from his past mistakes and repeating them on and on. Most of those mistakes are schoolboy like. He is giving his wicket very cheaply, playing loose shots, playing far far away from his body and hence dragging the balls into his stumps. Not watching the ball as one should and neither he has worked with the problem what had put him into trouble many a few occasions previously, i.e. his head not staying still while his shot making  resulting in leg before decisions against him again and again.

From the days of his debut to the current, the amount of ups and downs he had in his career probably he’s the only guy who can have that much of so and yet getting chances after chances in spite of failures after failures. Yes, he has played some outstanding knocks for whatever the team he has been in. But the inconsistency is a huge factor that had really let down a lots of talents in the past. Probably the amount of chances Rohit Sharma is having no one would have got with a similar or even a little better performance. And the reason behind that is the selectors have that much of faith in his quality and ability. They know exactly what this player is capable of delivering. But the question is are they aware of what they are exactly doing? The utmost criteria of being there in the Indian team has been the performance. You have the players like Manoj Tiwary or Ambati Rayadu in your hand who might not have the talent as much as Rohit but still they might be far more capable when it comes to scoring runs. And at the end of the day for a particular all that counts is the number of runs they have scored irrespective of the kind of classy strokes they played! They all count as they come and doesn’t matter how they come and from whom they come. So it’s an important issue that should be thought of once again. Even if he gets dropped from the team now, it won’t be the first time in his career. He has been in and out of the Indian squad more due to his off form but not because of injuries. Yes, he has made some delightful come backs to the Indian playing XI after getting dropped. And now probably another alarm might just help to replicate what he has done in the past.

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    very nice said…. well done..

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    valo…fatafati lakha …

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    very well written…

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