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Tendulkar Climbs the Hundredth Everest, Century of Centuries

March 18, 2012

16th March,2012 : Shakib-Al-Hasan bowling to the greatest. Whole Mirpur on their feet. Shakib pitches it up around the middle stump. Team India’s #10 comfortably plays it towards the square leg region. Changes ends with Suresh Raina batting at the other end. Stadium shouts. So as the commentary box. And the batsman who had just taken the one of the most significant singles of his career, takes his helmet off, kisses the the tricolor, looks at his bat, then looks at the heavens and finally raises his  bat for the 100th time in his glorious International Career of 23 years. The sight to see which every cricket fan would pay, the sight from which every lesson for the ways of a gentle celebration can be learnt, the sight which has been trademarked as one of the most wonderful pictures ever from a cricket stadium. And the man of the moment still as calm as ever, this time a little more emotion could have been seen, but no signs of excitement. That sort of a person is “the Sachin Tendulkar”.

Well, by now there will be thousands of posts on the innings that he played yesterday. I don’t really have that much of guts within me to judge this innings and neither to analyze it. So I won’t try to make any sort of such attempts. What I’ll try to do this time around is to recap the old days a bit, lets see what are the qualities that have made Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar to qualify as “the Sachin Tendulkar”, the greatest of all time and made him the God of the religion Cricket.

  • Even in this age of 38 he has a great eyesight. Sees the ball like a watermelon right from the very beginning, watches the ball very closely and most importantly watches it till the very end. That’s the reason why the shots like uppercut which were hardly found in the cricketing book before Tendulkar had invented those. But he has mastered that shot over the years and will keep playing that whenever he finds himself in a bouncy pitch.
  • Although in his early days he used to rely a lot more on power, wanted to strike the ball really hard; but nowadays what you will see more from him is sheer timing and placement. The power hitting from the likes of Sehwag may be entertaining, but the class shown by this man is something else. One can travel many a few thousands of miles to see those straight drives and cover drives along the ground that are absolute treat to watch and provide pure comfort for our eyes as well.
  • One of his biggest strengths of him is to pick up the length of the delivery very early which allows him to make an even finer execution to his shots. And that’s why the next thing needed for the successful execution of the shots comes out of him so well: While playing in the front foot the head position with his head staying behind the line of the ball still till the last moment, and while playing in the back foot the weight transfer of his body to the back foot. And that’s the thing which got to be replayed and shown to the youngsters, you won’t find any better example than this in order to show how to play a shot.
  • One of the rarer qualities of a batsman: playing equally well in both high and low backlifts, as well as ability of generating equal power in both top hand and bottom hand. I would personally remember his straight six of Collingwood in ICC world cup 2011’s match, how he used the power of the top hand was something to watch for; and neither would forget the sixes in Sharjah which were pure bottom handed strokes. Sometimes you get the feeling that he can actually bat in both hands having seen his powerful reverse sweeps that are quite different as compared to the others who play the shot a lot more often!
  • Another very special quality is to focus on the next ball and flush the memories of the last ball out of the brain. It helps in you in a greater deal in order to prevent the bowler from get into your mind. That’s why the Aussies have felt in the past that he is the toughest man in the business to be sledged.
  • It has been seen in the past that even the players who have been there in the arena for quite some time, at times seem to forget the basics. But even after achieving that much over well more than a couple of decades this man never does so, which has really taken him to the benchmark of the highest quality.
  • He has been the people’s champion for 23 years now, and having the crowd’s favorite for that much time is something that nobody has ever done before. During these times the game itself has changed a lot, but he has coped with all those challenges and switched gears as often as required. And from the context of playing equally well in all forms of the game will probably force everyone to agree with the fact that he is the best ever.

Well, one can’t finish saying about his technical qualities, but there are quite a few that have made him more than a technician, a magician. His hunger for runs even at point of his career, his commitment, his dedication for the game and teammanship have not made only made us proud of belonging to the same country that he belongs but also have put him into a position from where today whatever the runs he makes, every single run goes into a record book. The man who looks at the sky every time reaching a hundred seems to have set his next goal to be the sky, sky can only be the limit for this Indian Ironic Superman, the master of masters. We all are so very lucky that we could see the little genius reaching this kind of a landmark. Really I don’t have the proper words in my vocabulary so that I can describe whatever he has done so far, but teardrops in my eyes may just tell you the whole story….Salute You Boss, Love You.

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    nice author .

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  6. Congrats 2 Sachin 4 his marvellous all-time performance and reaching 2 such a peak-point in his career!! Prantik, i also admire ur meticulous work in both watching and writing such good articles. We will stay tuned 2 ur blog 4 more updates and u carry on with ur noble work.

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  8. Hello. Why aren’t you posting on IPL ?

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    This man is the GOD of cricket…….their is words to describe him.Salute u Sir.

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