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Youngistan Chases Down At The Adelaide Oval, Dramatic Victory For India

February 12, 2012

Undoubtedly Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s brigade has got some special talents who can pull off the things with their incredible game. The main problem has been their inconsistency. You never know when they come out with the goods in critical situations but also incredible to see how they can make the things difficult in their own hands when everything looks to be in favor of them. Today’s match at Adelaide is another example to this. Australia really looked good at one stage of their innings, they were thinking for a big score as the stage was set too. But the Indian bowlers equally backed by the fielders just came back so strongly to restrict them to 270 eventually.

Dhoni could have been pleased with the end effort that his boys had put, but still the previous statistics were suggesting something else.India had not beaten the Aussies at the Adelaide Oval before in a limited over match. Not only that, in order to chase down the score the Aussies had set,India would need to go over many of the highest successful run chases at the same ground. But right from the outset both of the India openers looked in a positive frame of mind, specially Gautam Gambhir. In the first couple of overs we could see his class while driving the ball and driving with confidence. Sehwag had his start once again. But what we have seen in the past so many times, also quite a few occasions in the test series happened once more. He was out to a nothing of a delivery of Mckay who just came in to bowl and broke what was looking to be a threatening partnership.

In came in form Virat Kohli. There is no question about his batting ability, class and maturity at this age, but still in order to lengthen all these he has to be more precised about his decisions in the shot making. Very often have been playing so well he has got out playing shots which were unnecessary from the prospective of the game. One can sense that from his reactions and expressions, but when it’s gone it is gone. We just really didn’t understand why he had decided to take the single in the last match at that point of the game when he was even cramping. Had India lost that match his innings that was really of a high class would not had got its value at all. He is being named as the future Indian captain, has a big bright career in front. He must look back to these mistakes and correct them soon hopefully.

So Rohit Sharma came into the middle who is again another player with a lot of promises. There is hardly any player in the current Indian squad who is as talented as this guy is. He has got every shot in the cricketing book. Sometimes it looks like that he has a shot for every delivery. Today when he came into the crease the situation wasn’t easy as chasing under lights at Adelaide has been always tough. He bats in a very key position as well, and kind of temperament he has shown tonight is the perfect example how to chase down big scores. He was involved in a very important partnership with Gambhir who was also looking flawless at the other end. The kind of short arm pulls Rohit showed really gives a view of his caliber and potential. But once again, which has been the problem for the men in blues are still turning up. Very similar to the Kohli-Tendulkar partnership of the previous match when this pair looked in total control and we had a feeling that Aussies are waiting for the things to happen rather than creating opportunities for them to come back in the game, Sharma threw his wicket away. And sooner Gambhir who was batting so well on 92 and hardly looked to be in any sort of trouble, suddenly missed a straighter ball in attempt to play it across the line, in the process going too far and caught in front of his leg stump.

It simply allowed Australia to come back in the contest. Really nothing was happening for them. In these situations not many top class teams would allow their opposition to come back in the way as India did, but the kind of such reputations that the youngistan has been carrying with them is definitely not the hallmark of a champion team. However India still had their chances to carry on with their ever trusted Chennai Super Kings left hand-right hand batting pair. At this point India still needed more than 90 runs with more than a run a ball. One got to give it to Raina how he handled the pressure situation and still didn’t allow the asking rate to climb up to an unmanageable one. He played his shots, got the big ones when required, and kept moving the scoreboard with great running between the wickets as he always does. It adds some extra bit of pressure to the fielding side and as a consequence we could see the balls going pass even Ponting and Warner (and that too more than once) who use to set high standards when it comes to ground fielding. Raina though got dismissed to Doherty having tried to use his feet against him and missing the flight, the ball got skit through and took his stumps. Jadeja had to take his chances, and doing so he got held in the deep by Ponting.

Up to this the Indian skipper was quiet, it looked that something is wrong with him in terms of finding the gaps in the field. His strike rate was quite less than what he would have liked to see. But the captain cool had probably saved his energy for the time what mattered the most. He has the reputation of being one of the finest finishers to the limited over’s match. And he delivered once again as he did so many times before and will keep doing that. From the last over India needed 13 to win with Dhoni at the non striker’s end. Having missed the first ball in attempt to scoop it over the short fine leg Ashwin made contact in the second to get Dhoni back on strike. The idea of Mckay who had been the pick of the bowlers for Australia tonight should have been not to allow MSD to get underneath the ball, instead bowling wide full deliveries. But it didn’t come out. Straightaway he pitched one in the slot which was there to be hit and Dhoni hammered that miles out of the park. And the match was virtually won by India there. The very next ball was a No Ball and in spite of being caught at the deep mid wicket Dhoni managed to get two out of that. Then it was just the matter of time that India could taste an emphatic first ever ODI victory at the Adelaide oval.

Now this victory will open up the tournament nicely. Australia still will remain at the top as they got bonus point in their first match. But it will add a lot of pressure to Sri Lanka who have lost both of their two matches so far. Also it’ll please many of the Indian fans as India are looking good to come back on track. And at the end of the day everyone likes to see that both the teams put up a fight what was missing from India in the test series and which contributed to the disappointments of all the Indian fans all-around the world. Now all of them will be looking forward as the young blood in the blues will try to make their kites fly high in the sky of Australia.

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  1. Ayan kumar Roy permalink

    Sachin was unlucky in australia

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