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India Continues to be Thrashed, Border-Gavaskar Trophy is Australia’s Again

January 17, 2012

When it comes to anything outside the sub-continent, India have been carrying a reputation of not doing well over the years. But from the time Dhoni had taken over from Anil Kumble until the days of the English Summer of 2011 things had been going fine for the men in blues in relatively all forms of the game. They had lifted the world cup, also had been holding the #1 place in tests for a long time, but the whole scenario changed all together at one tour. And now it seems like the team with extreme potential and capability is now ready to give up the battle every time they walk in outside the sub-continent. Billions of fans are scared about the fact that this team may just go on to set some new records of their failure since at the moment India are looking like a big stone rolling down the hill which does not slow down at all, but accelerates even more. After putting in some fight in the boxing day test, back to back innings defeats in the SCG and at Perth and as a whole which is the 7th test defeat on a trot overseas has risen up many questions as they should be.

The main key behind the success of this Indian team had been their opening pair. But the solidity stuffs are missing at the top nowadays. Many a times the Indian openers had got them off to a flier, that not only had provided the basis for a big total, but also had eased the pressure of the rest of the batting line up and gave the bowlers time to take 20 wickets. But in the last 15 or 16 innings, the average of this opening pair is somewhere like 15 or 16 with 9 or 10 single digit scores, nothing much to say about.

Then it comes to the man who was the only shining star for India in the tour of England. Here he started well with a 60 odd, but then nothing much. The pitches of Australia are faster as compared to that of England. I wonder whether that is bothering him, many a few dismissals in the series for the wall is very much unlike him. The balls have got through the corridor in many occasions breaking the resistance of the wall.

Don’t know when the moment of century of centuries will occur, to me it’s just a matter of time; don’t understand the reason why people are highlighting this fact and pressurizing Sachin! The record books will be rewritten many with every run comes from his bat. So what’s new in it? For the little master it is just a number, nothing else. Still a pressure is a pressure. When Tendulkar is coming towards a century he’s getting a little cautious which is not the greatest of batting features of the great man. But the only man looked in some sort of form is the man batting at #4.

It is good not to spend much of words for the rest of the person in the batting line up. How many overs did Kohli-Laxman-Dhoni bat between them during the series? Well well… players like Dhoni and Virat should think about the game with different views. You may be an ODI or a T20 specialist, but what you have come here to play is the most classical format in the history of the game. And what about Laxman? The man who used to set the field on fire every time he walked into bat against the Aussies. But this time he is adding more and more disappointments as the other.

And what the think-tank is doing? It has been seen so many times that the players seem to forget the basics of the game having spent many years in the arena. But isn’t there anyone who can say how to play against Australia in Australia? How long will the likes of Sehwag, Gambhir and Kohli get dismissed in the same fashion poking at the deliveries outside the off stamp? Don’t the even take lessons from their pasts? Don’t they watch the action replays of their dismissals? Neither they watch the opponent’s game closely. The old persons said to spend as many as time in the crease specially in the overseas soils; but the effect that the shorter versions of the game has drawn in the minds of the youngsters hasn’t allowed them to do so. India have been getting all out within 45-50 overs in consistent manner. Just one threatening spell from one bowler or one session of even average bowling is now turning out to be enough to see of the Indian betting going down like the kingpins.

And what can the bowlers do if the batsmen can’t give little runs to play with? Yes, bowlers have sometimes stepped up to the occasions, the once again the batting has led then down. India’s main strength overseas over the past 9-10 years have been their batting. So can’t complain one the bowlers too much.

Sometimes it is just not understandable what exactly are the problems behind the scenes. The Indian captain had said before going to this tour that if they can’t beat this Aussie team then they can’t ever beat them. It’s fact that unlike other Aussie tours this time Australia didn’t have the initial upper-hand before the kick off. Many of the experts marked Australia as underdogs in their home ground. They had tough times against South Africa and New Zealand, had problems with their batting, but in reality we see that to get out of all these they choose this Indian side. Controversies were also with them, likes of Ponting and Hussey were also under extreme pressure. But it just goes on to show how the big players choose big stages to perform and that is what exactly these two have done. On contrast the Indian players have done all what exactly the doctor had ordered for Australia.

India are now standing in front of yet another whitewash in the Aussie soil. And when so, their captain has been banned for the next test at Adelaide. Well…ICC is just looking at a few extra minutes to punish Dhoni, but not looking at the amount of time that he has saved over the last few matches! After all India is ending the matches with 1.5 or 2 days left in hand:-P:-D What more awiats for India in Adelaide? Now only pride to play for.


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