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Rahul Dravid Now

August 12, 2011

It has been a long long time since Rahul Dravid has been serving the Indian cricket team in many departments. He has gone through many of the phases in his career where people would have said (and said) that it’s probably the time for him to leave his place for somebody else. He had a very poor run with the bat in the last Sri Lankan tour of India. Didn’t make much impact in the home series against Australia also against New Zealand. What was expected from him in the tour of South Africa never came out. Somewhere the kind of responsibilities he used to show wasn’t reflected during these series.

But the things started to look good for him while India was touring West Indies having rested many of their key players. So the team this time was asking something special from the most experienced player in the squad. And this time Dravid didn’t disappoint. In the last few series he was really struggling with his footwork and also shot selection. The areas that had been the so called strongest for him came in to appear as the weakness. And it was the reason why he was not so successful in last 17-18 months.

In the past or infact right from the word go his one of the greatest strengths has been to leave the balls outside the off stump or even just outside the off stump. All the signs of a great test player who knows where his off stump is and very selective about his shots. Knows that what balls are to played and what are to be left. That makes him different from the many other players from the aspect that one may poke at the balls outside and get an edge, but Dravid will leave even those balls at which some other may think that he must play at it or he’ll lose his off stump or get caught plumb in front.

But when such a great quality looks to have been gone from his game the player looks quite mild too. And it happened with Rahul. In all those series of failure he was seen to be troubled by the left arm pacers. The balls that angles out of the off stump had been a matter of bother for him. Bowlers like Welegedara, Bollinger, Johnson did trouble him many a times. Many a times he was found to play and miss or getting an edge. Although one of the finest features of his batting throughout the career to leave those deliveries.

But still greats remain greats. And the thoughts they put into their game make them different from the others and hence greats. Many of the players in the age of 38 won’t think even in their dreams to change their technique. But Rahul did. It was seen probably from the IPL session 4, but n such shorter versions of the game these things remain unnoticed. So eventually people could see it during the West Indies tour when he scored runs under the conditions which were not ideal for batting. Now a days you won’t see the famous backfoot shuffle that made him a very stylish player. It was really treat to watch, but when he sees that in the modern days the effective batting matters more and also he had been putting himself in trouble by doing that and losing the balance of his frontfoot, he decided to change it! And it brought the success immediately.

He made his test debut in England and made 95 in his debut innings. Was extremely unlucky not to get a hundred in his debut innings. Right from that series it could have been realized that when it comes to the batting outside the subcontinent, in this part of the world he enjoys his batting the most. In the ICC World Cup 1999 that was held in England he scored the most number of runs in the tournament. He was in an incredible form when India toured England in 2002. Scored 3 test hundreds in a trott. And even now when the others have been suffering to tackle the tall fast English bowlers he turns up as the exception again and already has two hundreds in the first four innings of his. This man is very close to the Rahul Dravid we saw 8-9 years ago, and most of the people will agree that he was in the from of his life then.

The reason why he has been so successful in this part of the world is nothing but his old fasioned batting. To bat under English conditions you need a lot of patience. We have seen many of the players in the past who have been so successful but struggled in England. But Rahul Dravid once again stands out as an exception. He is so selective about his shots, still has a very good eye sight. Early in his innings he is not bothered about getting quick runs, he’s quite happy to leave most of the deliveries outside instead going for expensive cover drives. Plays with very soft hands that even he gets the edge that doesn’t carry to the slips. These are the things that not only every youngster should be learning but also for those who has been there in the game for a while. Because everybody must keep learning here. When you stop learning your game will stop too.

Another very special quality of this special person that he has been a great teamman. He made many of the sacrifices that many player won’t. Kept wickets for his team when the team needed, batted in different positions as per the team had asked. And even in the age of 38 when he deserves to enjoy his game rather than taking pressure on his old shoulders he is ready to make more of those that he did in the past. When the team needs he is still ready to go and take guard against the new cherry from the very first over of the innings. And the selectors have called him back for the ODIs having seen all that what he has been doing for the last couple of months. This will be the first time that he walks in as a member of the world champion team. And he deserved to wear the blue shirt for atleast once after India have lifted the world cup. Hope he puts up a good show their as well to make his last ODI series a memorable one.

  1. payel permalink

    gd wrk…..

  2. Arindam Dutta permalink

    good job….well written……yes he is a player of master class….and his place in test cricket and also in one day cricket is very hard to fill……

  3. Arghya Das permalink

    gr8 job………………..

  4. by the way i don’t have time reading this whoe stupid thing, my cousin sis says but i don’t say that
    as i am the fan of dravid

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