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India vs England, Trent Bridge test, Day 1

July 29, 2011

It’s the start of yet another champions like come back.How many times we have seen in the recent past that India going down early in a test series and coming back strongly in the next matches. And that’s why they have been the #1 test team for a long time. I guess that this test may just going to be yet another instance of this kind of an incident. Although England at the end of the may feel a lot better for the effort put in by Stuart Broad with the bat accompanied by the off spinner number 10 batsman Greame Swann. Yes, India’s advantage has been narrowed upto some extent. But there are two scenes of the story. Dhoni won the toss, elected to bowl first, and the bowlers backed him up at the time when it was mostly needed. At one stage England were 124-8, but after that the batsmen added 73 precious runs to the total and for which England got to 221. But still apart from that to restrict a very strong English batting line up within such a score inside 70 overs got to be said is some sort of achievement.

Once again we had a start to a test match under a very much of an overcast condition. There were some covering of grass in the pitch, and ball would move most of the day could have been easily understood. Dhoni having won a very good toss decided to put the hosts in the middle. As compared to the track of the previous match this one had a little bit of more pace and India had decided to rest semi-fit Zaheer and play the fastest bowler of the squad Sreesanth. Also another change in the Indian side, Yuvraj coming in for injured Gautam Gambhir. English side has only one change as Bresnan gets a place for Tremlet.

Indians had a good start. Praveen shared the new ball with Ishant Sharma and kept the things quite tight in the first 3-4 overs. During which Cook survived once. A clear lbw was turned down. Hock-eye showed that the ball would have crashed into the top of the off stamp. Ishant was the unlucky bowler. But in his next over he got him tucked in front once more and this time it was given. So Cook failed once more. He departed with just 7 on the board. Trott didn’t last long too. In the 15 balls that he faced he had only a single scoring shot as a boundary and otherwise he did’t trouble the scorers. He was invited into drive by Sreesanth who came to bowl his first over and a beautiful outswinger got the outside edge of Trott’s bat. Laxman did the rest behind the wicket.

Pietersen came in, and started to upset Ishant by standing way outside the crease and also coming down to the wicket and hence taking the lbw out of the game. For the same reason a very strong shout of Kumar was denied although the ball would have clipped the bells. So Pietersen had his luck early in his innings and he started to capitalize on that. He pulled Sharma twice in two balls for four to show that he is not going to hold back. At lunch, no more wickets fell, England were 69-2.

But the things all started to change right after this. Sreesanth showed a beautiful exhibition of some great seam bowling to get rid of Pietersen right after the lunch break. Bell and Stauss were trying to holding the key but the Indians were giving absolutely nothing away at this stage. Kumar once again swang the ball in both ways troubled both the right hander and the left hander. And he was rewarded for that soon, with 85 on the board Strauss nicked one to Raina who made no mistake. And three balls later he had Eoin Morgan caught in front. Very similar to the last test at Lord’s Morgan gave his wicket without scoring and also at the same over to make it two for the over.

Prior showed some positive intend in the first test but could not do much here. He got a gem of a delivery from Sreesanth and edged it to Dravid at first slip. Nothing much he could have done with that. Bresnan had a couple of boundaries in his 11 (and also a life as Dravid could not held to the one that came into his towards first slip), but he didn’t last too. Sharma this time with another beauty.

Bell on the other hand was holding the key at the other end. He was playing really well just like the man in a great form, but the shot he played of Sharma would cause a lot of disappointment for him when he sees the replay. He chased one outside the off stamp and in the process nicked it to the Indian skipper. The delivery didn’t quite deserve the wicket though.
So from 69-2 at lunch, England were 124-8.

Just when India were thinking that they have got everything out of it, they were made thought once again. Swann and Broad had something else in their minds. They took the counter attack to the fielding side and scored at a great pace. Broad was striking well over 100 and the 3rd English 50 came into just 62 balls. They didn’t finish, those two just continued to take on the Indian bowlers. There again we saw Sreesanth losing his cool and bowling far too short, so as Sharma. And England took every single opportunity provided by India. Before Swann was dismissed with a cracker of a delivery for Kumar that jumped on him, took him by surprise and went to the gully fielder. But the damage was done by that time.

Just after that Broad reached his 2nd back to back half century and added 25 more with Anderson to take his team pass 220. England would have been reasonably happy with this.

But they were probably searching for some more luck with the new ball and they had it. Anderson got Mukund out first ball of the Indian innings but for the rest of the period of 15 overs Dravid and Laxman gave the required protection as India finished day one at 24-1.

India should now get the thing out of their mind that how many runs the England’s tail scored but they should think in the way that England do bat very deep. And the batsmen who rescued England are well capable of batting. Yes, these runs can be a factor from the prospective of what can be a low scoring game. But this is not the right time to think on that but to concentrate on their batting and see off the all important first session of day 2.

And finally before ending this an interesting fact : Sreesanth really being the star for India with the ball early in the innings as he was rewarded for a perfect seam bowling to the rigth handers and also for the length that he bowled to them. The three wickets that he had today Trott,Pietersen and Prior, all of them got brilliant deliveries. But can you guess what is the similarity of all these three dismissals? Guess what ? All of them are actually South Africans! And Sreesanth really loves to bowl against them :D.

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    good writing……….enjoyed it………keep up the good work…….

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